Your self-explanatory board evaluation report includes the following:

  • An overview of how participants evaluate their board in each of several categories, for example, strategy development and implementation, meeting effectiveness, board dynamics, cooperation with CEO and executive management, and more

  • Respondents’ comments on each category, randomly ordered to ensure that no comment is linked directly to a respondent

  • Overview of the board performance areas that respondents rated most positively

  • Overview of the board performance areas that respondents rated the weakest

  • Overview of the performance areas where the respondents' opinions differed the most

  • Detailed results of the evaluation – the average score for each performance area, including breakdown by subgroup (for example non-executives vs executives) if the number of respondents allows

  • Benchmarking - Benchmarking vs. other boards in our databank (containing thousands of respondents) and benchmarking vs. your results from prior years (when relevant/ if possible)

  • Individual reports (optional) distributed to the Chair to be shared with the individual. The feedback from others on each individual will be anonymized by us (i.e., no individual will be able to see who wrote what, though the Chair will know how the unidentified others evaluated each person)

  • Cognitive Diversity Profiling - as a supplement to the individual reports, you can also commission a unique, specialized, in-depth assessment that allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and development areas within the context of their board colleagues

If you have questions about the report or want our experienced voice-over of the results, we will always be delighted to assist!

The fee for the above is € 4.000 – 7.000 depending on your wishes and required setup.

What you will get

  • Pre-tested questionnaires

    Based on best practices from Leadership Advisor Group's many years of experience conducting board evaluations.

  • Benchmark against industry leaders

    Benchmark and compare your results against industry leaders with our vast database of board assessments.

  • Quick results

    We’ll create and send the report within two weeks of survey completion. We do the work of sending links and reminders.

  • Good-governance experts

    We know the relevant governance guidelines and adapt the questionnaires to match.

  • Insightful reports

    Easy-to-understand reports and graphs help you clarify the strengths of your board as well as opportunities for improvement.

  • Flexible setup

    Invite only board members or include company executives. Add questions about the performance of individuals and committees, if relevant.

  • Measure progress

    Upon request, we store your results so you can easily repeat the process annually and check your progress.

In-depth evaluation every three years

In addition to doing an annual self-assessment, it is best practice to conduct a more comprehensive and external (third-party) evaluation of your board at least every three years. Reach out to the Leadership Advisor Group for expert advice and to gain unparalleled insight into your board's strengths and areas for improvement.