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Here are some of the Group boards we have worked with over the last few years and who have used our surveys as part of their annual self-evaluation or as part of Leadership Advisor Group’s external board evaluation.

Bio innovation
BW Offshore
Chr. Hansen
Coop Bank
Coop Danmark
Copenhagen Airports CPH
Deepocean Group
Diversified Gas & Oil PLC
Finansiel Stabilitet
Fonden Socialt Ansvar
GN Group
Green Hydrogen Systems
Lloyd's Register Foundation
Maersk Drilling
Novo Nordisk Fonden
Siemens Gamesa
Tænketanken Hav
VKR Holding
Zealand Pharma

Evaluate your board — every year

Most boards know that they should evaluate themselves annually (and minimum, every third year, use an external consultant to conduct an independent third-party board evaluation).

We can help your board do a “self-evaluation” or “self-assessment” for these annual evaluations. This means that instead of developing and running your survey internally, using valuable staff time, and possibly compromising anonymity, we send your board members links to our proven questionnaires (or your own if you prefer) and provide a summary report with anonymous comments.

You get an honest view of how your board performs quickly and professionally without more profound, expensive consulting help. This can be a perfect solution for learning how to improve and meet the annual board evaluation requirements within your country’s governance guidelines. It is also an excellent solution for companies who have previously worked with Leadership Advisor Group to self-evaluate using the same survey to compare with prior years.

What you will get

  • Pre-tested questionnaires

    Based on best practices from Leadership Advisor Group's many years of experience conducting board evaluations.

  • Benchmark against industry leaders

    Benchmark and compare your results against industry leaders with our vast database of board assessments.

  • Quick results

    We’ll create and send the report within two weeks of survey completion. We do the work of sending links and reminders.

  • Good-governance experts

    We know the relevant governance guidelines and adapt the questionnaires to match.

  • Insightful reports

    Easy-to-understand reports and graphs help you clarify the strengths of your board as well as opportunities for improvement.

  • Flexible setup

    Invite only board members or include company executives. Add questions about the performance of individuals and committees, if relevant.

  • Measure progress

    Upon request, we store your results so you can easily repeat the process annually and check your progress.

Are you ready?

Access our proven questionnaire to elevate your board's performance and drive success.

In-depth evaluation every three years

In addition to doing an annual self-assessment, it is best practice to conduct a more comprehensive and external (third-party) evaluation of your board at least every three years. Reach out to the Leadership Advisor Group for expert advice and to gain unparalleled insight into your board's strengths and areas for improvement.